# 34 get a decent haircut

For the past 29 years it has been either my mom, my sisters or myself who's cut my hair (yes, I have cut my own hair on many occasions!). I have gone to hairdressers a few times and even done very weird things with my hair specially when I was a teenager. But, in the recent years, it's just been me and a pair of scissors. Until last January when I got my first decent haircut (sorry, no pics). Last Tuesday I got my absolutely favorite haircut in 29 years thanks to the wonderful hands of Jaya. I highly recommend her, she's a talented freelance hairstylist with tons of creativity to go around. 


  1. Gosto muito! Pena que ela trabalhe só em Lisboa!!

  2. MUITO bom!! Este corte fica-te a matar! Dá-te estilo e sufisticação!