this post is long overdue

Last summer, Toronto came to Portugal and gave true meaning to the word saudade
In between all the work I had, I got 2 wonderful visits from Marisa and Tatiana - friends from back in the days when we looked like this:


It was nice to see that both are very European girls who brought along their equally charming husbands! (Vá, Simão e Steve nada de se babarem...!)

They are both extraordinarily joyful and outgoing girls and seeing them brought back many memories. Tatiana and I kept in touch every once in a while through letters and emails, always asking one another who would cross the Atlantic first. She managed to win the race and shared a great big hug right in the center of Rossio. 

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  1. Tão giro! Agora era giro acontecer-me o mesmo também a mim :)