the story about the book

about a month ago he calls me:
" know how Mary is always saying I should publish my stories? Well, her birthday is coming up and I want to surprise her with a printed book of my short stories. Can you illustrate the cover?"


about a week and a half ago she calls me:
"... you know how I'm always telling Alex that he should publish his short stories? Well, his birthday is coming up and I want to surprise him with a printed book with his stories. Can you illustrate the stories and mount the book?

I said yes to both... but they don't know it!!


  1. Oh Isabel! ...

    The conspiracy never dies!... What a surprise! it let me in a mess!...

    I just can't help loving you and every single drop of you in this overwhelming work!

  2. ah!! ainda melhor! hoje por acaso a maria passou por nós com o livro na mão, está magnífico, parabéns! aos três!

  3. Just love this kind of stories!
    Parabéns :)

  4. conspirações atrás de conspirações! :) gostei muito de fazer (um bocadinho) parte desta! ahah