Lisbon to Sesimbra

Out of the blue, we decided to bike ride from Trafaria to Sesimbra on Saturday, around 40km, through the coastline. We left the house in the morning with the ambitious idea of Setúbal as our destination, but my poor legs almost didn't make it to Sesimbra and that's where we caught a bus back to Lisbon. 
The views and beaches were amazing and the weather was just right. 

This was a piece of cake for Pedro, considering he biked from Lisbon to Algarve in 2 days! As for me, I developed a funny walk all through Sunday and it still hurts. 

1 comment:

  1. You got to Sesimbra quite easily! You had lunch 5Km from Sesimbra and you were doing great! You just ate too much or got scared about crossing Serra da Arrábida that made you give up in Sesimbra. We got there at 16h, we still had 6h to make it to Setubal if we wanted (just 30Km)

    This was piece of cake for you physically, now you just need to work your mental and motivational skills. Don't give up!!