História primária - the book

For all those who wanted to see more... here are some of my favorite pages.

This is a handmade book: everything was cut out and pasted and the pages bounded in coptic stitch. This was the very first time I did any sort of illustrating and, although the very short period of time that I had for this project, I really enjoyed the creative process and also the drawing, the cutting, the pasting....

Senhor Alfaiate, the author of this beautiful story about primary school, put together a stop-motion movie to celebrate his blog's first year. Here, you can checkout the whole book as it's being flipped through the pages. 
I think we make a good team!! So now I ask: Senhor Alfaiate, when will the next chapter be published?


  1. Your book turned out beautifully!


  2. Hi, I received your beautiful postcard today!

    Love the book,I enjoyed the video too.
    Thank you so much, Karen

  3. Tão bonito e gostei muito das palavras do Senhor Alfaiate. Também sou da geração que ainda apanhou reguadas. Ficamos à espera do próximo capítulo. :-)

  4. O sr Alfaiate expressa-se muito bem! Gostei muito e nunca me esqueço das duas reguadas que me aqueceram as mãos por estar distraída, a ler a palavra"ERRATA",não sabia o significado,e não ouvi a professora a explicar a raíz quadrada...

  5. This is so beautiful. The workmanship is so perfect!