Here it is: the Apple Tree Shop and the Apple Tree Etsy Shop!
It's been a busy week cause, even though I have done a lot of reading on how to run a blog/shop, there's so much involved! But, I'm having so much fun with the whole thing! Of course friends and readers are being truly wonderful and supportive, encouraging me to go ahead. Very thankful to everyone!  
Since the beginning, I've had a conflicting dilemma about what I would be doing: embroidery, pins, photography, book biding, drawings... I've decided to explore a bit a each and see how things work out. I've started with some pins and embroidery hoops and hope to be posting new items in the shop on a regular basis. I've got so many ideas!! So please... I need your feedback! 

And because virtual inaugurations are so boring (no food or drinks), with every purchase from today to the 23rd of April, I'll be placing a special surprise in every order! 

PS: # 48 - start my own business (this counts as a business, right?!)


  1. :) boa!
    estou solidária nos dilemas sobre o que fazer... mas o importante é começar. vou divulgar!

  2. obrigada!! vamos ver onde isto me leva!
    [eu também sou uma sushi lover!!]

  3. :) gostei de tudo. Mal tenha oportunidade encomendo :)
    optimos trabalhos. parabéns.