open for business

Item # 48 on my list is to start my own business. The idea was to do something else aside from my day job that would spark the crafty/photography side of me. 
For the last few months, I've been spending most of my afternoons surrounded by linen cloths, threads, ink pens, photographs... trying to discover and explore what I most enjoy doing and find myself enjoying different things. At first, I thought I should sort everything out and choose what I most enjoy: I ended up not being able to cut off anything. This was right around the time I learned the meaning of the awful word procrastination...  
But since I now consider this month of March, the month of CHANGE.... I'm going to cut the crap of being shy and insecure and start sharing with the world, cause difficult times call for resourceful and creative ideas: I'm going to open an online SHOP!! Hurray!!
Coming soon... March 23!!


  1. alright! vai em frente sem medos! como eu hj li "the perfect time to start something never arrives". eu atirei-me para a frente e não podia estar mais contente com a minha decisão

  2. you go girl!
    estou ansiosa para ver os teus produtos:)

  3. don't be... is a very GOOD thing!