summer with a super sampler

In 1885, Eadweard Muybridge was was taking sequence photos of animals and people in motion and became the father of stop motion. And history repeats itself... and we think we are so creative! 

The best thing about film photography in lomo cameras is simply not knowing what to expect after developing. These are from last summer... ah... summer... with a super sampler. I've been spending the afternoon scanning film negatives we have accumulated since forever in boxes. Massive work, by the way!


  1. E andam por aí tantos a considerar-se grandes inovadores...

    Nada traz de volta a espectativa que sentia quando ía buscar as revelações à loja das fotografias. Algumas desilusões também... mas tantas surpresas!:-)

  2. mesmo quando as fotos ficam todas estranhas e queimadas, eu gosto!

  3. oh, this photos are so beautiful and sensitives... I can feel the summer on them.