our so-called tree

In the spirit of the season, we have finished our Christmas "tree": made from real wood, from some real tree; decorated with colorful lights, origami stars (# 88 on my list), candles and a very up-to-date Nativity scene with Mary, Jesus, Joseph and their cat and dog, because if they lived today, they would most certainly be a middle class suburban family.


  1. Está muito engraçado... só criatividade!!

  2. hallo fox friend!
    your blog is just splendid!
    I enjoy your array of wonderment on display!
    <3 merry christmas!
    happy blogging! x x x

  3. Linda a tua estrutura pombalina decorada assim :-)
    fiquei curiosa com o que escreveste no meu blog ... viveste por aqui quando eras pequena ?