I'd make a great farmer

Last year, at around this season, I loaded my Diana with 35mm color film and went to sell vegetables with my grandmother to the local market. This is something I LOVE doing: I tried to sell chestnuts, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, spinach, flowers and other products that my parents and my grandparents grow in their fields. I engaged with everyone that passed by and even cut a deal with another local vendor: cherry tomatoes in exchange for persimmons! I made around 15€, enough to pay for my bus ticket back to Lisbon, not bad. 

But the best part was hanging out with my grandma. Isn't she sweet!


  1. Ohhh que fofo :)
    Foste vender pa feira com a avozinha?? xD
    Ela com o casaco na cabeça é que tem piada HAHAHA