helena in the corner: the wall hanging

After being almost a year away from my needles and threads, I've finally been actively working on some embroidery projects. It's very relaxing and it keeps me away from horrible monsters like my thesis. 
I enjoy the idea of picking out a photo from the old family albums, drawing them out and selecting the right one to embroid. And, I particularly like how the very fine wool yarn goes great with old linen. As for the hoop, I was waiting for my package of metal embroidery hoops I bought on ebay: for some reason, no shop sell them here in Lisbon, nor have shop owners ever heard of metal hoops. 


  1. uau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & viva a inspiração, yay!!!
    (sim, apesar "de"! ;)))

  2. Que fofo :) Realmente pensava que era a Helena HELENA :p