Sou do minho, sou do minho, de Viana natural....

My first trip to the flea market after hibernation and I came home with 2 more traditional scarves from Viana. I am now a proud owner of three beautiful colored scarves which I plan to wear frequently, either as a head piece or around my neck. In my grandmother's attic I found a very old red scarf, made from fine wool, very torn, but still with the vibrant red colors, woolen fringes and and patterned cornucopia that characterizes them. Originally these scarves were imported through Porto from the former Czechoslovakia and in many eastern european countries they are a part of traditional costumes as well. The ones I bought were made in the Viana region, according to their tags and are made from cotton.

Carlos Relvas. c. 1880


  1. My kind of post - I'm a scarf junkie :^)

    Nice to find you!

  2. An old post, but I had to read since I just received one of those scarves in the mail last week, from my father (um minhoto)--a red one. I like the way you wear it around your neck. I've seen it wound around the head that looks lovely, but I don't know how to.


  3. Hi Josefina! I have bundles of these! It's a bit complicate to secure it around your head without falling off. But just wear it around your neck like any regular scarf, it looks lovely.