I'm back!!

130 pages later and I finished my master's thesis. Museums will never be the same again!
Now I can finally treat myself to a single reese peanut butter cup that has been waiting patiently for me in the fridge for this moment. The strange thing is is, having been in total reclusion, it feels weird to get up in the morning and not have a 5 page deadline in front of the computer.
So to start off right I made myself another list: a short term list of things that will bring me immediate pleasure, like calling friends, watching dumb TV shows, restarting embroidery and going the the photo lab (I have a year full of film to develop!).
It feels amazing to be back!


  1. yyyeaaaaaah
    congratulations :)
    and welcome back!

    can't wait to see the results of having free time :)

  2. Isabel! I didn't know you blogged! I am following.

  3. Welcome back! I missed you. When will we go out again?

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog - this way I discovered yours and just spent here a good amount of time :)
    And congratulations on your thesis, of course! :)