Not so impossible #2

It was as though it were a sacred ritual. Carefully removing the cartridge from the package and inserting it inside the camera and suddenly hearing the mechanic movements that extract the darkslide.
The whole package was just very well designed and the darkslides are collector's items with notes that link to blogs and websites.

I head off to one of my favourite spots in the whole parliament, the staircase, to take my first picture. I felt nervous and shook a bit while holding the camera. You can see it's a bit out of focus. The development process is rather interesting because when it first slides out, the image is a cyanotype blue and slowly starts emerging the lightened image. It's not really a black and white film as I supposed, more of a sepia warm tone. I think this happened due to the warm temperature. This is a 600 ASA film that is highly sensitive to heat.
Well here it is, my first official and real Polaroid, right from the factory in The Netherlans into and then out of  my very own Polaroid Impulse 600 camera:

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