Joana in Lx

I stayed in Lisbon this weekend for a special reason. Joana came to visit.
Joana, Beta and I lived together, along with Mimi, in an attic apartment our first year at university. The four of us with different personalities, all with a different approach to life and somehow managed to make it through our first year.
What started off with a plan to be a girl's night on the town to remember those good old days, ended up more with long conversations about "gosh, we got this far in 10 years." Of the three, Joana is the  married one; Beta finally found her happiness and as for me, well, one thing still remains: they still think I dress funny, which is nice to know!

We spent Saturday afternoon geocaching and just walking around preparing for a night of poker with hundreds of pennies and oversized playing cards. Sunday started with brunch and a visit to the Lisbon's book fair. Then it was time to say bye to Joana who went back to Pombal but promised to visit us single girls again.
It was great to know Joana found her way.

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