Welcome to canyoning in Gerês!

This was my third time canyoning and I really enjoy it, mostly because of the wonderful landscape, the water and being in the great outdoors, in inaccessible places with really kind guys who look out for me! And also because it puts me to the test: know thy fears and then forget about them…

The river Saltadouro was over flooded (about 2m higher than recommended) and water was violently gushing its way through the river bed. Not a pretty site when this is still novelty to me. So then the “supreme council for canyoning” (Pedro, João, João Paulo) convened to decide upon our ventures into white waters. The decision was to proceed with caution!! And so we did.

Our limit was a spot when the river suddenly narrowed to a point where we if went ahead and couldn’t turn back or climb our way out. So the guys decided to have some fun and try out a different rapelling tecnique (which I haven't the slightest idea what it's called!!).
After ridiculously insisting with Pedro I wasn't going to go… I went. Of course his insistence on how easy and fun it was helped a lot. And it was an amazing feeling!

I want more.....

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