Lavadouro da Madragoa

Our first summer in Portugal was memorable for many reasons: we started living in our house that had this unique smell of not being used in years, my parents drove our old Citroen Visa with tartan seats, everyday there was a picnic on the beach and our washing machine burnt. This meant hand washing all our clothes during that summer.
I recall morning get togethers with our washing tank before hitting the beach. Soaking clothes in cold water and natural soap, scrubbing and spreading them out to sun bleach, (which, in my opinion is the best way to remove stains).
Before a delicious lunch with Carla today, she showed me a hidden part of rural Lisbon I didn’t know still existed. I feel I am in debt with her!!
Lavadouro da Madragoa is a community washing tank. A place where anyone who wants to rediscover the countryside, hand wash a bit of clothing and read a book while it all sun dries can go to relax. It’s also a quiet and refreshing place to be, with an amazing view of the city and a small orchard.
So Carla, when will we tie a scarf around our heads, wear a proper apron and do laundry together??

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  1. Adoro a 1.ª foto!!
    E sim, só de ver as fotos uma pessoa "respira" (outra vez).
    Temos de repetir!! :D