After work geocaching

What to do after work? How about geocache!
On my route home there are 4 hidden caches and today I found 2 of them: both very small and interesting.
The first one is actually called "Assembleia da República", how does that sound?! The hint for it was "tighten your laces near the hole, under the window". One thing I've learned is that Lisbon's architecture is full of holes!! After a bit of pacing, trying not to look suspicious, I found the little container and, fighting against my enthusiastic nature, tried not to make a big fuss.

The second cache was extremely small hidden under a fire hydrant in a tiny magnet container: so sweet!

The third is around Rua do Salitre and I'm leaving it for another day.
But the fourth is hard! For 3 days now, as I head home I have been trying to find the cache named "Amália". It's not an easy one. It's supposed to be in an obvious place 2m high but the problem is the people that pass by and those on the bus stop that stare at me wondering what the hell am I doing pacing up and down the street touching the walls, water pipes, holes, reaching for balconies and pulling on electrical wires. I'm going to need a gps for this one.


  1. I'll have to help you looking for this one! By what I've read, I'd say it is inside the café, no?

  2. Ja estou ha uns tempos sem encontrar umas caches..ver se me dedico mais agora que as temperaturas vao aumentar

  3. I geocache too ;-) I'm going to add your blog to my reader so it will be n my sidebar!