Snow is white and my face is red

I think we are a bit off with the weather: if last weekend we spent it on the beach, this weekend we spent it in the snow with the company of Sam and Susanna. On such a last minute arrangement, I posted a “who needs a ride to Covilhã?” on the Couchsurfing website only 3 hours before leaving and Sam said “We do!!” So we were a foursome ready to hit the mountains.

The day before we went to buy waterproof boots and matching jacket which made me look quite dandy and very professional! I think Pete was proud of how great I actually looked!!(Either that or he was just being nice!) I missed snow: the cold, the wetness, the crunchy sound when you walk, the white brightness.
The plan was to hike across the Serra from where we were camping (Covão da Ametade) to the Torre, the highest point and by far the ugliest spot in the whole Serra, but nonetheless, our very own summit!

We had been told that it had snowed the previous night, so the Covão was nice and white. The whole “let’s sleep in the snow” was bitterly amusing: bundled up with only our face poking out in hope that the tent and sleeping bags were waterproof, looking forward to the hot tea in the morning.

Saturday there we were ready to venture into the wilderness in a soundless march towards “the tower”or as Sam put it “the intrepid explorers crossing the snowy waste”! There’s something about the immensity of the mountains that is so compelling which really makes me want to come back. (But this time with sunscreen!)

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