The art of waiting

The art of waiting is sublime. Waiting is having the ultimate capability of endurance, it is about resisting and enjoying that feeling. Knowing that it is in your power to make it happen quickly, but deliberately decide to take the long road. Learning to wait is a self-taught process and I have been learning to wait. In doing so, I added another item on my list, perhaps the most subjective one and certainly the only one that does not depend on my will to be accomplished. (Though I truly hope I can check it off by the end of this year…)
Having this list is also about waiting: for a certain event, for an opportunity, for time, for me.
Waiting was never a strong feature of mine. I am the type of person who wants to know how movies end and always is the first to open whatever is meant to be kept closed. Reeducating myself to wait still means I will arrive late to places and everyone will always wait for me!
But mostly, waiting it’s about expectation, it’s about slowing down, it’s about being patient, it’s about breathing in and holding it in, it’s about anxiety, it’s about knowing it may never come.
Waiting is hard and I know I am going to wait a while for it.

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