Anna in Andalucia

We met last year. She was our guest through couchsurfing. We became friends and decided we should get together again but this time in Andalucia. She flew and I drove all the way to Malaga. It became a weekend road trip from Malaga to Marbella, to Ronda, to Seville and back to Malaga.

We talked, we laughed and ate tapas and drank claras and discussed our cultural differences: Anna is Russian, by the way! She spoke to me of her Christmas and New Year’s with her sister Julia, of her work as a photographer and her desire to be a mother. I spoke to her about my work, my list, my life in Lisbon.

We strolled around Malaga and came across Funny Beach; slept in a cozy hostel in Marbella’s casco antigo; almost swam in the Mediterranean; found our way to Ronda and nearly lost our car; got lost several times in Seville even with a map; I slept like a baby in an 8 dorm room and Anna wished our Italian dorm buddy would stop snoring just for 5 minutes; we watched flamenco and were very disappointed with an aqueduct.

At the end we had that awkward good-bye situation and promised to meet again but this time in Brussels.
До следующей поездки, возможно, немного больше земли к северу от Европы!

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