Oh holy night

This is going to be a very special Christmas.
At first I thought it would be hard to convince my matriarchal family about the idea, but in fact, I was wrong! Everyone is excited and pitching in to make it magical!
After 30 years with the Atlantic separating us, we are finally going to be all together at the same table for Christmas dinner. We are 19 family members and a Brazilian couple. (Helena's roommates living in Portugal and have nowhere else to go...)
As was 30 years ago, Christmas will be at my grandparent’s house. There will be a real pine tree (we haven't cut one down in decades, so this year we are excused from an environmentally friendly tree) and instead of plastic balls, we are hanging up chocolates and there is no such thing as Santa... its Baby Jesus who's handing out presents. And the best thing is that each family member only has to buy one gift for another member, so this means no crazy Christmas shopping to worry about!
But since I can’t resist, I’m preparing a little special something for everyone… I’m sure they’ll treasure it!

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