Madrid in technicolor

A trip by myself to Madrid. The idea was no digital cameras! So, I brought along 3 friends: my Canon A1, my apple juice pinhole (which I will be dedicating some time to latter on) and Diana F+, and just have some fun taking pictures.

I had only taken two rolls of film with her since June, so I’m still getting the hang of it. Diana works much better in sunny conditions when it brings out the best colours. So these aren’t exactly the most fantastic pictures. I have to spend some more time with her by my side....

Slide film is definitely one of the best options. I got these pictures cross processed, which plays around with the colours and makes them look old school. I mean, my dad has a whole bunch of photos from the 70’s that today have the same effect!

Even Arantxa, one of my hosts got hooked on Diana so fast that duing my 3 day passage through Madrid, she went off and bought her very own Diana and flash! I felt like a preacher from some religious "Diana cult" spreading the holy word!

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