How many frames per second?

A zoetrope is an optical device that produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures. Its the earliest type of projected moving images.
My only close encounter with a zoetrope was at the Cinema Musuem in Melgaço when I went on a "let's go see snow" trip with Bea, my 3 year old godchild. I'm sure I had more fun than the kids playing around with the "special spinning toy" watching a couple dance a valse or a monkey hanging from branch to branch.
I thought this would make a great gift... I'd love to have one myself someday... or even make one... it shouldn't be that hard.

A live optical device...

But last night we saw another Zoetrope, not in a museum... this time it was a live projection of moving images and electronic sounds: Micro Audio Waves!!
So, the most frequently asked question is "how many frames per second?" Who cares! Let's watch a movie!

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